Supportive Therapeutic Services

Do you feel stuck repeating the same conflicts over and over?

Does it feel overwhelming to make changes in your life?

Do you have the same fights or arguments with your family members?

Do you find it hard to feel genuinely connected with people?

Do you feel alone?

You want change

You would like to see significant change happen in your life and wonder if that’s possible.

You’d like conflict to be repaired.

You’re worried that you can’t afford therapy. You don’t know how your insurance works, or how to find a therapist that will be a fit for you. Your schedule is busy and adding one more thing seems absolutely overwhelming at this time. Let us help you with all of this.

We can help

Our clients report increased levels of happiness and satisfaction with their lives, a decrease in long-term conflict with loved ones, and a sense of safety and hope. 

Common Concerns

How do I know who the right therapist is for me?
We will discuss your specific situation and help you match with a therapist with the skills, temperament, and schedule that meets your needs. You are also welcome to request the opportunity to speak with your potential therapist directly prior to scheduling an appointment.

How do I find time and energy to go to therapy?
We will work with you to help find the optimal time to make an appointment. Many clients report feeling more motivated and invested after the first few appointments.

How can I afford to go to therapy and still pay my bills?
We accept all insurances that include out of network benefits. We bill on your behalf and collect only the deductible/and/or copay at the time of service. You won’t have to track bills, submit invoices, or spend hours on the phone with disinterested insurance company representatives. We do all of that for you.

If you do not have out of network benefits, we offer generous sliding scale rates, based on household income, that can reduce fees as much as 50%.

In cases of extreme need and outside pressures (such as court ordered services or immediate services required by school or an employer), we work with our clients to create a gentle financial plan for a reasonable payment plan.