Play Therapy

Help your child thrive

In traditional therapy, adults communicate their stress, thoughts, or feelings verbally. Children communicate a little differently; they express themselves through their play. Play therapy is therapy with children that utilizes toys and games to help them gain understanding of their experiences.

Children enter into a playroom that is a safe space for them where they feel comfortable to express themselves and their feelings through play. A licensed mental health professional is present to help facilitate the process and provide that safe space while also providing encouragement, insight, and compassion. Toys are used to facilitate communication in the session.

Through play therapy, children learn more about themselves, learn coping skills, improve communication, express emotions, and work on social skills. Play therapy is an effective modality for children three to twelve with behavioral problems or emotional struggles.

Some of the challenges that can be explored in play therapy include: trauma, ADHD, grief, depression, anxiety, oppositional behaviors, divorce, abuse, anger management, autism, issues with academic or social skills, bullying, abandonment, family conflict, and life transitions.

If you have a child struggling with any of the issues listed above, contact us today to get your child scheduled for a play therapy session. Together we can get your child or loved one back on track to enjoy and thrive through childhood.

If your child is struggling, we are here to help.