Substance Use Evaluation and Treatment

You are not alone

Are you struggling with substance abuse?

Are you worried about your substance use?

Are people in your life concerned about your substance use?

Are there legal or financial problems in your life as a result of substance use?

Have you tried unsuccessfully to stop on your own?

Change is possible

Our practice offers support for individuals with substance use disorders. We are skilled and experienced in working with the legal and judicial system, local schools, and Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center.

Common Concerns

Can I be drug screened at your facility? Yes, we offer drug screenings.

Can you help me get my license or my job back? Yes, absolutely! We will work with SAP, EAP’s and other contracted programs to assist with your specific needs. If you are an Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center referral, we will personally walk you through that process as much or as little is needed.

Can you help my child with problems at school? Absolutely. We work closely with all school districts in our county and those referrals from out of county. We are familiar with school protocol and can complete an evaluation to get your child returned to school quickly.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, call today for help.